The Luck of Me

My life is getting worst and worst.      Now i have to ind out if something is wrong with my heart.    Why man?   why? I promise to update more here just gotta remember i have it. lol Advertisements

The Pee Pee Blues

I know when you read that you were probably wondering what this blog was about to be about.   If you are my one reader then yes i’m sorry but this blog is about peeing.    Yup do to the fact that i have a disease that causes fluid on the heart and lungs i […]

Ryan Reynolds The Voices

I don’t do many movie reviews, but this movie surprised the hell outta of me.   You guys need to check it out.   It’s starring Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick.    Jerry has all these mental problems, but he gets advice from his dog and cat and they tell him to kill.   He […]

Photoshop is Amazing

I think that my posts are safe to say that they are every two days.    It’s looking that this is what i’ll be doing.   So yea for now i’m just going to say Photoshop is amaxing.   I’ve just found stock and i’m playing around with it.   One day i will be […]

Lifetime Has My Soul

The Lifetime movie network has my soul.    I try my best to stay away from it but I can’t.   I mean all the movies have a theme, and it’s just crazy.    It’s like stalked.   Okay stalked by mother, my father, every father, my brother, the neighbor’s cat, and yes even my […]

What’s Your Fandom?

Like OMG! Maybe i will like this blogging thing.   i think i will i don’t know.   So what’s your fandom?   the fandoms are taking over and i love it.   You can watch a show or a movie and be like oh yea i ship that, and i’ve seen some crazy things. […]