Ryan Reynolds The Voices

I don’t do many movie reviews, but this movie surprised the hell outta of me.   You guys need to check it out.   It’s starring Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick.    Jerry has all these mental problems, but he gets advice from his dog and cat and they tell him to kill.   He doesn’t want to but they tell him too.   I’m kind of person who doesn’t like to give things away so is this really a review i guess not.   LOL just check it out.

Sorry that i’ve been away for the past couple of days i’ve been distracted by this great story that i’ve been reading online and once i get started reading something well then you know how that is.

Also i keep forgetting to do something but i have no idea what it is.    Blogs are supposed to be informative and make since and be linear i suppose but no one is reading this i’m starting to realize so it’ll just be me telling myself stuff so i can remember what was going on on that time of day.

OMG the SSA has pissed me off but i’ll save that blog for another time.

You really should watch the movies the voices though, it was very funny.    Also Ryan Reynolds sings at the end.   Sing a happy song folks!


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