Evan Peters, Moutain Dew, & Clowns


I can’t believe that i’m still blogging on this thing.   I’ve decided to put my thoughts down on lots of things, and maybe one day when i’m dead and gone someone will say hey that girl was interesting lets look her up.   Sorry to disappoint when you find out that i died in my dungeon surrounded by Dvds and Mountain Dew.   Don’t cry for me the though, it was a blast and i did it with a smile on my face.

So what’s going on.   OH well i’m in a great group on Facebook about one of the greatest shows ever Orphan Black and if u you haven’t seen that show well you need to get on it because the last season is about to get shown.   it’s about clones, and i could get deeper into that but then this blog would be so long that in the end it’ll be like jesus why didn’t she just give it it’s own blog which i’ve decided that i’ll do it eventually.    Please don’t comment on my grammar i’ve decided that i’m going to do this thing like i talk.   i’m like the living run on and that’s what i’m going to be.   nothing will be capatilize and i’ll only spell check the words that i think have no idea of being what i’m trying to say.   i think that’s what blogs are meant to be.   where is the blog where the person just talks about their lives with no filter.   i’m doing that no filter, picking a topic and just writing from my mind as i go own.   i mean if you are sitting in front of your computer with a post prewritten then why the fuck are we blogging, that my friend makes no fucking sense.   am i right?    eh i guess.   oh see i forgot what i was talking about.   My friend Jalisa’s birthday was yesterday and i’ working on a background for her, i want it to be special so i’m talking a extra day and i’ll email it to her tonight, it will blow her mind hopefully.   Anyway it’s of the great guy Evan Peters.   If you don’t know Evan Peters than he’s the guy in the image used for this blog, although he’s painted on it.   He’s awesome, and he’s a part of American Horror STory and each year his character is even better than the last.  He has one of those faces where he’s just ridiculously adorable, but because he has played a lot of creepy people when he tries to smile it just comes off as well creepy serial killer so i’m doing my best to show the softer side of him, but it might take a little time.

Okay Moutain Dew.    Who doesn’t love it?    I do, especially when it’s so cold that it slides down your throat in like cold heaven, but people soda can ruin your kidneys so i’m trying to pace myself, but walmart is ruining that why selling 12 for 5 bucks.        i mean come on that’s a lot of soda, so yea i just got 18 but i’ m sharing them with my sister.

Holy shit!    Sorry i just got distracted by this horrible movie i’m watching, but don’t worry it’s getting a blog all for itself.   What was my other subject?    CLOWNS.

So some idiots have decided to dress up as clowns and try to lure kids into the woods.   First i heard they were using candy, and now cash.   I mean WTF people, you are going to get yourselves killed.    I hear someone got chased with a machete yesterday or something. It’s nuts i heard they were walking the streets yesterday, someone is going to run over you and kill you so i suggest u stop.

okay wow i think this is my longest blog yet.


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