Lifetime Has My Soul

The Lifetime movie network has my soul.    I try my best to stay away from it but I can’t.   I mean all the movies have a theme, and it’s just crazy.    It’s like stalked.   Okay stalked by mother, my father, every father, my brother, the neighbor’s cat, and yes even my doctor.   Which returned this Sunday and a reason for this post.    Just when i thought nothing could more fucked up then Stalked by my Doctor, his return was more fucked up then ever.   Bravo Eric Roberts, he is so damn good with the creepy.

I am almost very proud of myself because i’m updating this blog again.   Like I said random shit about nothing lol.    What else?     Did you guys have a good labor day?     I didn’t, we were going to have a cookout but we let someone borrow our grill and oh well when we went to get it back they had pretty much let it go to shit because well they didn’t care cause it wasn’t theirs and then as we asked them about it they continued to lie on there bed as if nothing was going on, so yea thanks for that you fucker!

That’s about it.     Hope to post again soon.    Have a good Monday.


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