What am I Thinking?

So i started yet another bloggy thing.   The question is will this be updated, or will i forget that it exists and move on to shinnier and new things?    Yes I’m thinking that too.   I got this because a friend of mine Joel got one and I wanted to comment.   So I guess I’ll steal his idea, i hope he doesn’t mind.   Here i shall share my life.   So i’ll talk about a lot of pop culture shit and stuff no one really cares about and I think they should.   I will tell you about some of my personal life, but not alot.   I mean you don’t need to know if i’m married or if i have a bunch of little ones running around.   i mean in reality who the fuck cares right?   yea exactly.      i’ll write here like i do in real life which means most of the time it will be one huge run on sentence that will leave you saying wtf was that, but i will try and be legiable.   is that spelled right?   My english teacher is turning over in his grave?  is he dead?     not sure, there’s a rumor going around.     okay another thing you should know my mind doesn’t work like others and well this shit here won’t make sense unless you know me and well if u don’t know me what are you doing reading this.     okay i’m going to leave u with this because truly what am i thinking doing this?     i hope you enjoyed this post, if you did and i remember i’ll see you tomorrow or at least next week sometime.   if not i’m so sorry and i’ll see ya in ten years.


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